Are you looking to take your THought Leadership to the next level?

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For industry leaders and go-to experts who want to take their thought leadership to the next level.

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Do you feel like you should do more to share your expertise with the world?

Are you someone who believes that your ideas could change your industry, and are looking for a systematic way to share those ideas with others?

Confused by conflicting advice about “visibility,”“content marketing,” and how to generate exposure? Not sure what to invest where, and what ROI looks like?

Thinking about trying to create an online course?

Not sure how to fit *yet another project* into a busy schedule? Worried that starting a big new project will take time away from work and family?

Do you want to employ a proven, reliable method to skyrocket online exposure for your ideas, while avoiding a ‘cookie cutter’ (or click bait-y) approach?

We Empower leading experts to share their knowledge with a global audience


I need help with:


Design & BRand

Confused about which platforms and content are best for you? Need help refining your objectives? Trying to figure out the best way to invest in your content marketing offerings?


Develop a plan for creating genuine, engaging content that’s as unique as you are.

  • Identify key platforms and a strategy to integrate content across platforms.

  • Organize your ideas for content into a comprehensive, cohesive plan.

  • Outline an editorial calendar to build regular engagement from your audience.

Build & Test

Do you want to develop an audience on a new digital platform? Create a new kind of content? Unsure how to produce that content? What team & resources do you need?


Learn how to strike up an authentic conversation with your audience.

  • Create a pilot episode with a distinct creative approach and resonant branding.

  • Learn exactly how much time you need to dedicate to produce a high quality product.

  • Gain proof of concept before making a big resource investment.


Want to employ a stable, predictable approach to your content marketing efforts? Looking to produce a whole series or course? How do you ramp up output without loosing sleep at night?


Create a digital show or course with consistency and volume, supporting digital audience growth.

  • Establish a core creative team, workflow, and collaboration, so production happens seamlessly.

  • Maintain a high quality product but gain speed and efficiency.

  • Take advantage of economies of scale pricing for production costs.

Throughout Each project…

We find ways to make lectures, presentations, and other academic material compelling and visual.

Our process allows us to create videos and other multimedia on subjects that might seem abstract, dry, technical, or otherwise difficult for non-specialists to understand. We use creative talent, storytelling, and art to bring your ideas to life, so you can share them with the broader audience you have in mind.

We work with you to:

  • Condense: distill a concept down into its essentials through a robust scriptwriting and storyboarding process.

  • Communicate: get the ideas you’re presenting across clearly, no matter the medium

  • Persuade: craft a visual story that’s unique and compelling for your target audience.


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