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Video Services

Located in the heart of Washington, D.C., Phaedo Creative collaborates with you to produce cutting-edge, compelling videos, designed to make your brand stand out on the Internet. 

Educational or informative video content builds trust with your audience. We make your content look as good as the message it is communicating, crafting unique visual stories that your audience will love.

We work closely with your team at each phase of production, personalizing and polishing until you have a final product that captures the message and captivates the viewer.   


Our prior work includes: 

Animated Storytelling

Segments explaining a concept in a clear, visual way.

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Authentic and dynamic storytelling designed to present a full picture that will be credible to your audience.  Employ a journalistic approach, talking to real people who have been affected by YOUR issue or product.

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Video Essay

Frames interesting topic in a provocative way. Its composition is in both the substance (speakers’ remarks) and visual and artistic elements. It draws the viewer in to engage further with the idea presented.

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Curriculum Videos

For professors and institutions looking for an innovative way to present material from the classroom. Design dynamic video content to present ideas in an engaging way for an online audience. Develop a series for an in-depth presentation on a particular topic.

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Our approach


Translating lectures, presentations, and other academic material into compelling video content.

Our process allows us to create videos on subjects that on the surface seem abstract, dry, or otherwise difficult to translate into compelling video.

We use creative talent, storytelling, and art to bring your ideas to life. 

Who’s it for?

Brands who want to produce beautiful videos that communicate important ideas.

Our ideal partners are looking to create digital "shows" or full courses with consistency and volume to support digital audience growth and engagement.

What’s it for?

Persuade: create video content that will resonate with your target audience, crafting a visual story that’s unique and compelling.

Communicate: distill a concept down into its essentials through a robust scriptwriting and storyboarding process.

Produce: manage production start-to-finish


Our Story

Plato’s dialogue, the Phaedo, serves as the inspiration for Phaedo Creative.

For Plato,  the role of the philosopher is to bring knowledge of the forms (“true knowledge”) back into the material world.

The mission of Phaedo Creative is to translate an insight from a particular audience to something that is clear for a broad audience.   It partners with brands to create authentic content that resonates with an audience beyond the originator of the idea - telling a story that an audience or customer can understand or relate to.  

Storytelling is at the core of what we do.  In the same way that Plato’s masterful use of narrative contributes substantially to the enduring power and popularity of his ideas, we strive to harness the power of visual stories to communicate and persuade.

Phaedo Creative works with your experts on the ideas but then uses creative talent, storytelling, and art to bring those ideas to life. The capability to bridge this gap is distinguishes us from other digital marketing agencies and content production companies.  Phaedo Creative finds creative ways to communicate your message, working within your brand but turning it into a format that is compelling to your target audience.


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